Monday, September 27, 2010

The Event - once again

     Tonight's episode of the event will or will not reveal what the event is? I don't quite understand where the plane actually went, and what is behind all of this. However, I am almost certain that ''the event'' itself will not be revealed tonight. Rumor has it, ''the event'' will remain unknown until mid-season.

    As for my thoughts: it seems as though everyone on the show will know what the event is, and they will try to keep it from the viewers for as long as they can.

tonight, the event episode 2 (9pm - NBC)


  1. Well, I haven't been watching because I'm a Gossip Girl girl, but it the concept sounds pretty gimmicky to me. Is the show good enough to make you want to stick around to find out?

  2. Not really Liv, the show is trying to find something to make viewers hang on...not sure its going to work.